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    What can I improve?


      My projects (1080p) are between 2-10 minutes long and they contain the same template as following:


      -Particles emitter (Particular) which emits from outside of the screen (do I need to trim that in some sort so that AE will not process what's going outside?) that reacts to music (Sound Keys) + Camera layer.


      -4 Audio Spectrums that react to music (Sound Keys) which are in a comp within the main comp.


      -720p footage duplicated also in a pre-comp inside the main comp, also reacting to Sound Keys.


      -Looped GIF as background


      -Still image


      -Music track


      My specs:

      i7 5820k

      16GB DDR4 2133MHz

      GTX 780TI

      GA-X99 SLI

      I've got 2 SSD's , one that the system and AE runs from and another for disk cache and conformed media cache. also 2 regular hard drives.

      While export rendering CPU is on 23% and RAM on 55% workload, so i'm guessing improving those won't help.



      Export rendering takes about four hours for each composition, I would appreciate recommendations on optimizing rendering time.

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          Weren't we over this already? Everything seems perfectly normal, given that you use a complex particle simulation and time-remapped footage, which causes redundant calculations for sampling multiple frames and blending them...