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    Text not showing up in 3D layer


      I am currently attempting to use Ray-Traced 3D function for extruding text. I've ran into a bit of a snag. Currently I have one Comp a simple text font, BUT anytime I try to type "X" the whole text goes away. It stays if I do it in lower-cased. 3D Layer option is checked. It does it with any font I use. But doesn't give me any issues with any other number or letter Caps or no Caps. Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening?




      Shouldn't matter specs but doesn't hurt to state.

      Win10 Pro

      I7 6700k

      16 gb Ram

      GTX 970


      I am updated to the most recent version of adobe. I have tried a different Comp, New projects, and restarts. No change in it. When it's in standard or 2d mode it shows up fine. Only in 3D will it not show up.