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    Rotoscoping segment the rotobrush tool outline turns into a mask that covers the entire image that was rotoscoped. I can't see any reason why it did this! Any ideas?


      I'm going crazy, as I can't for the life of ,e figure this out. I didn't add any keyframes or do anything to make this happen. I've tried inverting the mask etc. to no avail- any ideas? the weird part is, is that it fades in!  Please help! _ (I know I got a bit happy with the refine edge tool. (1st Try at rotoscoping.)

      I'd appreciate any help, ideas for tutorials etc. _I love What AE can do, BUT I SUCK AT IT! LOL - I'm an old film - TV editor who came fro the Union where Editors Edit and VFX guys did VFX - Now we have to do everything. Thank you all!

      Mike Lyle

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