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    Premiere Pro CC 2017 Rendering/Crashing Issues


      Hey, I'm having trouble with my trial of Premiere Pro CC 2017. I decided to try it out for video editing, however I've had a number of problems thus far and only sort of fixed most of them.


      First, I'll give you my specs:

      Intel 6900k (4.0GHz @1.15v)

      2 EVGA Classified 980Ti's (in SLI)

      Adobe installed on a 1TB SSD (not the OS boot disc)

      128GB DDR4 (~100GB Reserved for Adobe)

      Windows 10 Home 64-bit

      PSU and cooling info can be asked, but won't really play a factor, as the system is operational under synthetic 100% load in the mid 50C range.



      Now what's been going on and what I've 'fixed':


      Issue: Rendering issue in preview and source monitors (only hear audio, but no video is shown)

      'Fix': Delete preferences folder in my documents folder (must repeat every time I want to open Premiere) meaning I can't save keybindings or other preferences


      Issue: Auto-save causes a soft crash of the renderer that results in issue 1

      'Fix': Auto-save disabled permanently (kind of a problem if I forget and it crashes)


      Issue: Having the titler window open while footage is playing causes Premiere to hard crash at random intervals. (could be something else, though this is the common thread in all of the crashes I've had thus far.

      'Fix': None yet...


      Other than that, playback (even of 120MPBS H.264) is smooth, even to the point of being almost identical to cineform playback. I enjoy adobe products immensely and would like to use Premiere Pro CC 2017, however, I can't do that in good conscience knowing I might be paying for a product that won't work for me. If anyone has a way to permanently fix an of these issues, I'd appreciate it.