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    LR CC slows in library selection



      when i go through 1 by 1 each image for flagging/rating, i can rapidly go through the first 50 images (spending approx 1 second on each image) with instant rendering, but then it will start to slow, every 5th or so image it will need to load, then it will start to do it on every image.



      im running a 12 month old MBP 15" i5 quad core, 16g ram with 512 SSD

      Ive got smart previews on
      GPU off (have done this recently, and havent noticed a difference)

      25gb for the cache

      under import settings; standard preview size 2048 pixles
      medium quality
      at the end of last year i began using USB 3 portable hard drives to work off with no noticeable performance issues. (until about a month ago)
      although i did recently upgrade to a hybrid powered drive thinking this may help, it has not

      i have tested selection process straight of the internal SSD, same slow performance issues



      what else can i do?




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