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    My Lightroom 4.4 doesn't recognize my Photoshop Elements 9

    terid10230348 Level 1

      I haven't upgraded to any new versions because the old ones were working fine for me but I will be using CC by the end of the year.  In the meantime I have LR 4.4 and PSE 9 running on my desktop (PC) and they work great with each other.  On my laptop they don't! 


      On my laptop I have the same editing programs installed but when I click on edit in...the LR4 on the laptop which is running Windows 7 (like my desktop) does not see PSE9 as the designated editor (the only one I have).  I can't even get it to come up in the additional external editor.  How do I get them to see each other?


      Thanks - Teri