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    Saving files AEP??


      So first time using AE 2017. So far so good, but now when i go to save it they save as this AEP file type? Which i cannot re open in after effects?



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          Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

          Aep is an after effects project file extension. these look like temporary files that are saved in your AME folder once you encode in AME. these are only a reduced version of your rendered composition at the moment you sent it to AME. not you main full project file. these should open as well but look in your main directory (one hierarchy down), there you will find the AEP project that should open in After effects.


          if you are experiencing anything different send more screenshots and don't crop anything

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            jackr62853967 Level 1

            It seems i have to now open up after effects then go file > open to open up an aep file to work on. Rather than just clicking on the file directly. Is this intended?



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              Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

              you can open a file with these options:


              1.Ctrl/Cmd+O will give you the open dialog box to your explorer and you can click on the file twice

              2. clicking on the project file twice will launch Ae or load the project to Ae if it's already open


              it looks like that you have a folder called "Look Animation" where you have your after effects project files. click on Look.aep or Look copy (cc 13).aep and it should open in Ae.

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                jackr62853967 Level 1

                As long as i can open them i am fine with that thank you


                My pc for some reason does not recognise aep files, hence the paper icons left of the file names

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                  Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

                  I see now. yes the notorious extension problem on windows...


                  Try this:

                  1. right click on the project file and open with -> choose default program. now choose After effects and make sure the check mark is there "always use the selected..."

                  if this does not work open start on windows  and type set association, it will lead you to this. type .aep to get right there

                  now choose change program and see if that works for you.


                  if it doesn't work then it's a registry problem. you could fix that too but let's wait if that's it.