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    Totally white page when site published

    Neil Cummins Level 1

      I'm attempting to upload a site to a temp folder on a server so the client can view. It all works fine in Muse, viewing with the preview in browser option. Everything works fine. I then export as html to a folder and get the exported site preview no problem. It's when I upload using Dreamweaver to ftp the files to the server that I have the problem. Files all upload fine, but there is nothing on the page when I view the site in Chrome. Very frustrating. Is this a common problem, or am I just lucky!!




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          Preran Adobe Employee

          Are you using any third-party widgets or custom HTML code? Can you try removing those, and then publish? Also, which versin of Muse are you on?




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            Neil Cummins Level 1

            Thanks for coming back to me Preran. I haven't got any third party widgets or custom HTML code that I'm aware of on any of site pages. I'm using the most up-to-date version of Muse on a Macbook pro running up-to-date Sierra OS. I have found a workaround for the problem I had. I simply uploaded via the FTP option within Muse and it seemed work fine. Previously I was attempting to export the HTML files for upload via Dreamweaver. I have got the same problem with another site that I still haven't managed to sort out where I still get a white/blank page. I've had to delete the phone version of the site which isn't great, but at least there is something there.