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    Lightroom CC trial - photo's tiling in the develop module


      Hi there,


      So I'm 21 days into my CC trial and recently (within the last week) whenever I try to do anything in the develop module the photo "tiles".  By tiling I mean that it looks like I get a square of a zoomed in part of the image tiled over all or part of the image display within lightroom.  Once I actually select something to crop it flickers and displays the image properly.


      Disabling the GPU fixes the issue, at the cost of speed and given that I'm trying to decide whether to upgrade from 5.7 and one of the big attractions is the GPU acceleration that doesn't bode well for my decision.  Any thoughts on how to get graphics acceleration working would be great!


      System is Windows 10x64 - Fresh install a month ago.  I7-6700k with 16gb ram.  EVGA GTX1070 graphics card.