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      Sorry for the bad english...the title says all...same computer (i7980x, GTX680 4GB, 24gb of ram, Win7 Pro, SSD for cache and for system...). 2014, the one that i use to work and get the job done, is like a supercar...2017...is like a super crap. The unified camera tool problem was resolved in 2015...not for me and not for this version either...for me at least....really boring and really sad. If there is something to do...i'll do...but hope that will be some updates for 2014 version, because with this new AE i can't work anymore. I've updated just for fun...time to use this new crap...five minutes and unistall it to save space on my HD. 2014 is the way to go...yes...in 2017....unbelievable...

      The videos shows it well....first part (as you can see from the top left) is from 2014...second one from 2017 crap...


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          Gutterfish Adobe Community Professional

          Terrible.  This is Adobes new crap software.  There's nothing really to say.  SOmebody at Adobe is making really really terrible decisions and needs to be fired.   Either Adobe will eventually get their shot together or something will come along and take their market share. In fact, I bet there are people somewhere working on an Adobe killing app right now,  but keeping it hush hush so Adobe doesn't find out and suddenly get motivated to fix their sheet and negate all their time and effort.   We will hear nothing for awhile and then, out of the blue, like superman, an Adobe killer will appear & we can all stop paying for the broken, bloated software and then some broken, bloated Adobe executives can ride their golden parachutes into early retirement.  Until then we just have to use the version that work for us and drop all expectations & confidence in Adobe.  Adobe stock is at an all time high....maybe a good time to sell

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            Yes...terrible...i really don't know how many people work with 2015/2017...but an answer from Adobe if this behaviour that i have is normal or not...what may cause it...something...don't know....

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It looks like it started behaving towards the end of the video demonstration. Was there more we couldn't see? Just using it for five minutes isn't really enough to judge a version. I mean, this video doesn't show an issue with After Effects itself necessarily. It is a problem with a third-party effect being used with After Effects. AE has changed a lot about how it works with computer hardware. There may need to be some adjustments of your settings to get it to behave correctly. For example, try unchecking the option to Use hardware to accelerate panels, etc. and I suspect it'll start behaving.


              The vast majority of people in the industry that I talk to are really enjoying CC 2017 (other than those on Macs with the realtime preview issue who are still waiting on the fix). Even folks who use Element extensively are enjoying the latest version. It's probably a simple fix on your end like the one I suggested.

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                Well...this the unified camera tool bug resolved in 2015.3 that for me isn't resolved at all If i use right,left and middle mouse buttons to navigate everything is right...if i switch to single camera tools ("C"), the preview is broken. Of course is not a plug in issue...it happens with 3D layers. with particular layers and so on. Now, for me five minutes are the exact time i need to know if old bugs are not resolved (like audio previews...real time previews...unified camera tools...). If they are broken, i don't see the point to use it anymore. I'll stay with the old 2014 that for most of my needs is rock solid. If other people are happy with the new 2017 softwares, i'm happy for them...but i'm not happy for waht i see on my workstation

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                  Ok...so...none else is having the same issue? Just to know it and just to be sure that this beta testing is not a waste of time. Subscribed a bug report...no words from Adobe...just to repeat the issue...using mouse buttons to navigate with camera works like it should...selecting the tools one by one with the letter C give a no way preview feedback. Tested on my laptop with Win 10...same issue (HP laptop with a Geforce card with 4GBof ram, 12GB of ram and i7 processor)....and, just to be clear (i'm a long time AE user...from 6.5...so...) it's obviously not a plug in related issue. It happens with 3D layers too...have a nice day....

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                    Ok, none have this laggy,buggy,preview when using the C keyboard to change camera tool...as i suspect...a waste of time...thank you Adobe