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    updating the trial version of lightroom to permanent




      today i purchased lightroom 6 from bhphoto.  everytime i try to install the file it redirects me to bhphoto customer service... they keep telling me it is a problem with my security settings, which is not accurate.  i am on a 2010 imac 27" running sierra.  I have it set to accept downloads from app store and verified websites, still no luck.


      they suggested I download the trial version of lightroom 6 and use my key code they provided me.  I have done that but do now know how to activate it into a fully useable non trial copy


      can anyone help?



      Also, I wanted to avoid CC at all costs.  I contacted BHphoto and they informed me the version i purchased would not need CC and was a standalone.  Here I am now with CC on my computer.


      thanks for your time,