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    Deleting an intro page in mobile breakpoints


      Hi there,


      I have created a five page site with the first page being an intro page, full screen with music and voiceover. This works well at the 1200 point, but I don't want that intro page from 320 up to 1200 breakpoints. The intro page is fine for the desktop version, but on the mobile versions I want to start at the home page and not include the intro page. Is there a way to do this?

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          Preran Adobe Employee

          One way to do that would be to create a separate menu for those breakpoints, and remove the link to the Intro page.




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            Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

            Don’t feel offended, @erich38509132, but: You wrote an identical private message about this problem to me, which was answered. And now, you start a discussion – just as nothing has happened – without replying to me any more. Don’t you believe, what I said? That would be no problem. But it would be (a) helpful to inform other users here about the state of discussion (so, that they haven’t to repeat all that stuff, which already privately was discussed), and (b) polite, not simply stopping a conversation, which you have initiated, without any further reaction.

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              erich38509132 Level 1

              No I wrote you last night and then immediately posted in the forum, not knowing if you'd reply or not... completely understandable. I didn't get back to you right away because I work man and don't have the liberty to reply right away.. As far as not believing your answer, that's absurd. Why would I not believe you? I am simply asking something that I don't know can be achieved or not. I appreciate your help and anyones help with my question. I don't appreciate how you handled me messaging you and posting the same question in the forum. What's the big deal? Just be cool about someone asking for help in a certain area and reaching out for answers. Thank you for your answer and I appreciate the help.