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    import mode starts randomly


      LR 6.5.1.   During a session, the import mode starts up on its own, seemingly randomly but obviously triggered by some sub-system event.  For example, it happens while I'm editing other photos or even if I walk away, leaving the session running.  When I come back, it's in import mode. My planned imports don't seem to have any glitches (other than sometimes accepting the nuisance dups of earlier imports still residing on a card).  One interpretation is that there is some hidden AI feature I've triggered that is non-subtly suggesting to me "is that the best you've got? try again!"  Or maybe some plugin or background backup util has their hooks into the LR controls.  Anyone else got a ghost in their LR?  If only I could get it to fill out metadata rather than trying to encourage import--then I could embrace it....

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          LR is up to 6.7, try updating it.

          More info is needed.

          What OS is your computer running and what exact version of that OS.

          What else is running on your system. As far as I know the "Show Import dialog when a memory card is inserted" system is broken on the newer versions. But some say it still works (Personally I've never used it). Also there is a switch to turn that on or off. Try turning it off. Something on your system might be triggering it.

          You could also reset the LR preference and test.

          If that fails uninstall LR then reinstall and update it to the most current version, 6.7/CC 2015.7.

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            mytilus Level 1

            Hi! Thanks for the advice.  Much appreciated.


            FYI-Win10x64 with auto updates.  I updated to 6.7, no joy. But then

            examined preferences.  No obvious issue with the "Show import..." option

            (not checked). But I proceeded to set/unset that page to default and

            restart LR and then recheck the previously selected options .  So far,

            so good.   I do like your concept that perhaps LR was seeing some

            unexpected device as a memory card, e.g., ReadyBoost or some external

            drive.  THAT would make some sense.


            Anyhow, after 1 hr test, issue resolved.


            thanks again,