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    I want the jpg quality I made

    Steve Zeeeee Level 1
      I make perfect jpgs, but they show artifacts upon publishing.
      When I look at "bitmap properties", I check "use document default settings" because I made the jpgs at high quality.
      Then I look at flash "publish settings" and it's always on 80. So what, doesn't bitmap properties override?
      Worse, when I change that to 100, the pictures are better. Doesn't bitmap properties override? Regrettably, every-time I check, that setting is on 80. Why wont it stay on 100? I can't reset that publish setting every single time.

      Then I looked for a general preference. Under PSD file importer > publish settings > lossy> use publish settings. Again, aren't the publish settings the high-quality jpgs I made? Anyway I changed that to loss-less. Are my files sized going to balloon?
      Why aren't the multiple indications of document default quality priority?

      Any explanation anyone?