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    Converting word file to indesign


      Hi everyone, I've been reading through the forums for a while looking for answers and decided to just shoot a question to get some further help. 


      I have a 300 page word document, completely designed and ready to go. But, in a few days we need to print this document.


      So, I tried placing the word document into indesign to get a high quality version to print. but this takes so so long - while all the styles like italics and bold and underlined, bullet points, etc are imported fine, other aspects of the design aren't - like the shapes/vectors/smart art that was created in word. So, first off, is there a better way to do this than to manually have to edit every page in indesign to make it look like the word file?


      Because the design is good to go in word, would I lose print quality if I just put the word doc into PDF and then placed the PDF pages into indesign?


      And if this would be good print quality, how exactly would I convert RGB to CMYK in Adobe acrobat?  and for the images, would I have to do something extra for those?


      Thank you so much for any help. I know I'm an idiot for designing it in word in the first place...

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If the document is "completely designed and ready to go," why don't you just make a PDF of it and send it off for printing?


          You haven't said how this was going to be printed. If you're printing it yourself on some kind of digital printer, there would be no need to convert it to CMYK. Most digital printers can handle it RGB just fine.


          If for commercial printing, the printer could use Acrobat (or other software they use) to convert from RGB to CMYK. They're used to getting files like this all the time.