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    Changing Metadata in Lightroom


      I have a Nikon D7200 on which I use a number of older AI lenses.  The camera works great, picking up the correct aperture for the photo.  I just noticed that, in the metadata in Lightroom, the 300mm lens I was using shows up as a 0.0mm f/0.0, with a focal length of 55mm.  Is there a way to edit that to the correct numbers so I can later sort on the lens and focal length (different with a old AI zoom?

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          You can't change them directly in LR -- you'll need to use the free Exiftool to change them.   Do Metadata > Save Metadata To File, run Exiftool to change the values, then do Metadata > Read Metadata From File.  Unfortunately, Exiftool can be hard to learn.

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            clifh73979704 Level 1

            John,  thanks for the info.  I also figured out that the camera has a "non-computer lens" description.  That is what the metadata defaulted to.  I set up several definitions for my AI lenses (35mm, 59mm, 55Macro, 30mm, etc. - yeah, I have a lot of great old all-glass lenses).  I simply select the one on the body and it works great.  The 300mm did a real beauty on the mega-moon last night once I figured out that trick.


            Thanks for the prompt reply.  I can use that to fix the earlier image's metadata.