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    Some links on mobile breakpoint not working

    DesignDiva93 Level 1



      Some of the links are not working on the mobile breakpoint of my website. The links function just fine in other breakpoints. 


      Here is a specific page where they are not working:



      The links I am referring to are at the bottom in the grey box (About Us, Contact Us and Calendar - blog is not set up yet.)


      This site is broken into 3 sections, so I have 3 different master pages. I noticed that the links work just fine in the CHAMBER and DEVELOPMENT sections, but not on the Home page or the TOURISM section.


      I read that this might be a possible bug, so I installed the most recent update. I am now running Muse CC 2017. I opened the previous file, saved it as a new doc, and then relinked the problem links and uploaded the site. I had problems with connecting to the host (GoDaddy) through Muse, so I used FireZilla to upload the files after I exported the html files from Muse. The site uploaded, but the problems are still there.


      Also, I am not sure if it matters, but I used fixed breakpoints rather than fluid breakpoints for this site.


      Thank you for any help!