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    Catalyst the death of Director

      Part of me thought more and more as Flash and Action Script advanced that (as a lingo developer) I was seeing the death of Director. That was until Adobe released Director 11. However I now get the feeling that this release might be the last as Catalyst rolls forward I see a lot of similarities.

      What do others think. Is Catalyst the new Director?
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          pyrografix Level 1
          The Flash Platform and the ubiquity of the SWF is killing Director. Not Flash Catalyst. Flash Catalyst is just an alternative way to produce engaging experiences through the SWF format. Flash used to be purely a design tool. A nifty way to make animations. But today, Flash can create some serious applications. Flash Catalyst will become the primary interface for designers to create Rich Internet Applications. Flash Professional will be the playground for animators and some high end actionscript-based motion, interaction and advertising. And Flex will be a framework to allow developers to easily create applications in the SWF format. All of these, however, will create AIR applications. Which are the true competitor to Director.

          In the end though, Adobe AIR needs a runtime to run it’s applications, and Adobe’s security model on AIR is pretty strict. Shockwave files are a bit deeper than that, and probably have less restrictions on them... So maybe there is still some life to Director?