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    Unable to Submit Sitemap & Redirect Errors


      I'm looking for a solution to being able to submit a sitemap to Google's Webmasters tool.  I am unable to do this through the portfolio site, and also cannot do so through my Go Daddy Acoount.


      I also seem to get redirect errors from time to time, and has caused my site to be be unindexed on Google (but I am still indexed on Ask and Bing).  When I had my site built through another template site, I had no issues with this and was still indexed by Google.


      This has been beyond frustrating, and if there are no answers, I'd much rather build and host my site somewhere else.

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          jackieg218 Adobe Employee

          Hi Jessica! Thanks for getting in touch and so sorry to hear you are running into trouble with Adobe Portfolio. Please submit a ticket to our support team at help.myportfolio.com and we'd be happy to help dig a little deeper.


          To address some of your concerns now:


          1. If you're having trouble with your custom domain name, please include your custom domain name and a screenshot of your DNS settings in your ticket.


          2. Adobe Portfolio does generate sitemaps - you can see your sitemap by typing in your URL and /sitemap.xml at the end (example: https://yoursubdomain.myportfolio.com/sitemap.xml


          3. Google Search Results: Unfortunately we can't impact Google's search results--they usually update their data about every 2-3 weeks, but we can't provide an exact timeline. Once they've updated your data, your new content should appear in search more prominently.


          In the meantime, we recommend doing the following:
          1. Navigate to the left side toolbar within your Adobe Portfolio editor and click Settings > Search Optimization tab > check the boxes to "allow search engines to index your site" and to "automatically submit site updates to search engines"

          2. Submit your site URL to Google here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/6259634?hl=en.
          3. Begin sharing your site URL on other websites/social media sites to get your site noticed by search engines


          I hope this helps!