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    Cancellation Fee


      So I joined Adobe Stock for a month back in September time.


      I used 6 images, thinking that the first 10 were free, then I would be charged if I used any over the 10.  Without warning I was then automatically placed on the one-year contract, at a price of £23.99 a month, having not even logged on to Adobe Stock since yesterday.  I tried to cancel the subscription for a price of £96, meaning I will have paid a total of £168 for 6 images!



      I admit it was my mistake not to check my account, but I feel very hard done by to have been charged this much, when there is clear evidence of me not using the service for the time I was paying for it.


      Has Adobe showed anyone some goodwill in a similar situation?  I subscribe to photography plan too, and will probably cancel out of spite.