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    Cancel membership


      Please can you cancel my membership? I signed up for a monthly plan but when I try and cancel online it is trying to charge me an annual plan cancellation fee.


      I went on chat and they are telling me they won't cancel it.


      I did not sign up for an annual plan. I would not have commited to spending that amount of money for something I only wanted to use short term.


      Please can you cancel

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          terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

          Hello Natalie,

          I am sorry to tell you that the information you are being given is correct. When you signed up for Photoshop you agreed to a 12 month commitment. You were then given the choice of making a one off payment straight away covering 12 months or paying 12 monthly instalments. It doesn't matter which you chose your contract was for 12 month.After 12 months either of those contracts could be ended without penalty, but would otherwise renew for a further year.


          You can end your contract early but then you are charged a penalty for early termination. The way the calculation is done is to charge a 50% penalty on the time remaining on your contract. So if you cancel after 6 months you will be charged for 3 months of subscription, if you cancel after 2 months then you will be charged for 5 months of subscription.


          I don't work for Adobe and honestly sympathise but I think you will find no joy in contesting this as the arrangement you have with Adobe is legally binding.