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    Massiv Problems with CC 2017 and Win 10

    LAB 2

      Hello Adobe Team,


      I have a lot of Problems with CC at the Moment now.


      1. Photoshop was not working right and told me. The Programm was not working right and quit.But i found a fix for it.


      2. Muse gives me an error 500 so i can´t work at the Websites for my clients right now.

      Found no fix for it.


      3. After effects and Character Animator same issuse as Photoshop they didn´t startup right now.


      Sorry to say that but the worst update since a long time to much Problems to solve right now.
      So if there a fixes for the Problems let me know. I Have to deal with lot of trouble with my Clients because of the issues.




      Patrick Simon


      After Effects Problems





      Muse Problems