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    Please Keep It Live!

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      I had a good weekend watching... Character Animator Live!


      Although I get a lot from all the videos that Dave produces... Tips and Tricks I found the Live sessions great! It added something else! It was obvious that people from all over the place were watching, so I wanted to be in on this, but can't find anything!?


      Having looked, it seems that there are only 3 of these Live session... Jan, Feb and March... It seemed that they started really well... 18,500, 16,000 and then 6,500 viewers.... or I should say that's how many people viewed the YouTube videos. So it is obviously got potential


      It was a bit sad when Dave mentions only Two viewers at the start of Live 3!?


      I got so much from these and seeing the fantastic work of others being used was exceptional!


      Live 2.. was a bit weird.. looked like Dave had decided to do this live broadcast from a refuge center and get a few down-and-outs to sit in front of laptops...haveing been promised food at the end!    They didn't seem to have any reason to be there!? However, at the end, when we are introduced to them and you realize that these are the actual creators and testers of Ch.. then I was blown away.... How often will you get the chance to talk and interact with the creators this level, but the truth is, we didn't! When Dave S.. The Manager and Coder started getting involved... I wanted to hear more, more, more!


      This Live event has so much potential, for all the creators and users. Maybe you just need to change the format... divide the session into several parts and give each part to a member of the team.... give them control of the session... pop us over to there laptop and let them take a topic of there choice, or  answer to a given question. Dave does a great job... but surely for any app to develop and succeed you need more than one person... it has to be a team effort... of which we all take part.. I do hope the Live Sessions come back... even just once every two weeks!?


      Dave S said... 'We want to get more people to Character Animator!' I think we all agree with that!?


      How did you advertise this event? How many people use Ch?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          The live sessions were a fun experiment, but I think the Tips & Tricks format works a little better currently - it's edited more to condense the information into a tighter package. I do have some ideas for future live events in the future though, stay tuned1

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            As I indicated in the original post... I like the Tips & Tricks, but it was the immediacy of the Live get-together that adds something. People can ask questions and make comments in the moment! I look forward to see what you have planned for the future!