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    Roto Brush giving different result when rendered.

    Arslan Ali Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am using Adobe After Effects CC 2015.3, I am doing a project where I need to place a 3D Object in the scene, but there is a person moving in front of the camera, which is an issue, so either I could Key it out or make it a part of the video. So I decided to use masking and keep the person in the scene, but the the person will be moving in front of the 3D Object. I duplicated the footage and used Roto Brush method to Remove all the Background and keep the Person and adjusted it frame by frame so that he is in front of the 3D object but still distinct and looks pretty good. But there is a Problem, during the Composition every thing looks good, the person moving is perfectly keyed out and the scene is good to Render, But when I render using AE Best Settings and Lossless method, it shows some background (which should have been keyed out or Invisible) when the person comes in front of the 3D object.


      I have even tried Rendering the whole Composition using AE "Lossless with Alpha" method but still getting the same result. Now what should I do remove those parts which do not exist when I watch in the AE Preview Tab, but somehow show in the Rendered video. I am using an Element 3D Plugin from VideoCopilot.net to insert the 3D Object.


      I am using Windows 10-64 bit with an AMD Radeon HD Graphics 7600 M, probably not the best of the machine for AE, but it has no trouble while performing other AE functions.


      I also tested by rendering only the RotoScoped footage in different setting including Lossless Tiff, but still getting a messy result when rendering compared what it shows in the preview.


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