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    Bug found - Draw 4.0

    darenwoodward Level 2

      Since updating to 4.0, all drawings sent to Illustrator have open paths. Every single filled stroke in my illustration now has to be selected and closed. (I know that there are plug-ins available that find open filled-paths and close them, but this wasn't an issue in the previous version.)


      I tried updating to Illustrator CC 2017 to see if it was issue with the older version, but I'm seeing the same problem.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Daren.


          Sorry for taking so long to respond. I had to check in with our engineers about this one. Here's what he told me:


          Our current code never creates closed paths. However, in prior releases, when sending to Illustrator, we relied on code that took Draw data and converted it to Illustrator data; that conversion code manually set all paths to closed on the way to Illustrator. In our latest release, we are relying on different code to do the conversion, and that code takes the data at face value and, therefore, leaves all the paths open in Illustrator.


          The bottom line... Right now they're discussing changing it back as soon as possible. I don't know whether that means it will make it into the next update (before the holiday) or the one after that.


          I hope that helps.



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            darenwoodward Level 2

            OK, thanks for getting back. All those open paths slow down the cleanup/pre-press process, so it would be great if the old conversion process could be re-established.



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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



              It's definitely in the process of being changed back.... I'm hoping it will make it into the very next update. Keep an eye out for it.


              Thanks for bringing it to our attention.