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    Clicking in the font name in the Character Formatting Controls and then using my arrow keys to scroll isn't working right. It's only using a few at the top.

    rickb71651099 Level 1

      A lot of the time, I like to select a word or words and click in the font name box and then use my arrow keys to scroll through my font list so that it previews the font on screen. However, with CC, there is a group of fonts at the top of my font list that it tends to jump to that section. Even if I select a font that starts with an "S", and then start using my up and down arrow keys to start from there to scroll through my font list, it will jump back to the very top of the font list into that group. Any way to get rid of that group up top that it wants to keep jumping too? I need it to work like it did in IDCS5.5