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    Never been able to open Muse (Error #3125) , other CC programs work fine




           I recently bought/installed the CC suite. I've had no issues with any programs besides Muse. I get an error prompt when trying to launch:


      Adobe Muse CC has encountered an error and will now exit. Please report the last few actions you took leading up to this error to the Adobe Muse CC team.

      [SQLC/internalAttach] SQLError: Error #3125: Unable to open the database file. '.details:'near's':syntax error', operation:'attach', detailID'2003'



            I've yet to successfully launch Muse (ever), it's been terribly frustrating.  Searching for the error and trying solutions I found on the forums hasn't provided an answer.  The Error appears after Muse loads and opens the project window ('Open Project', 'New Project', etc.).



           Windows 10 Pro (up to date)   |   Intel i5-6600 3.3Ghz   |   32GB Ram   |   64-bit OS   |   NVIDIA GTX 1080


                (C:) Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB: 57GB avail (Windows and CC Suite installed here)

                (D:) 2TB HDD: 1.25TB avail (from my last computer)


           I downloaded all programs included with CC; no issues (Premier, After Effects, Photoshop, etc.).  No previous versions of any CC application has ever been installed on this computer.


      Solutions I've tried:

           -Re-booting (yes, I tried turning it off and on again... )

           -Updating Windows + All Drivers

           -Fully reinstalling CC Muse

           -Cleaning up both HDs/Scanning for Viruses, Malware, etc.

           -Registry Repair/Defragmentation


           My gut tells me it has something to do with my old HDD.  When I built this PC, I did a completely fresh install of Windows onto the new SSD, and later added my old HDD for the storage.   My previous computer (with the old HDD) did have some CC apps installed a while back (never Muse though).   Could this somehow be causing the issue? Again, both Windows and the CC suite are installed on the new (C:) SSD drive, I've even deleted any Adobe related files/folders on the (D:) drive.


      Any suggestions/help would be very much appreciated!