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      Hi everyone,


      I started using Lightroom CC 2015.7 last week and i was very surprised that Lightroom didn't run fluently on my 27"iMac (3,3 Ghz / 8GB RAM / 2TB incl. 128 Flash / R9 M395 2GB).

      And there are still some stuttering moments when using the correction brush. While pulling the cursor through the image the correction brush needs time to follow.

      I read a lot if articles on the internet and I found out that a disabled GPU runs the correction brush faster. What is the reason for that?? Actually the GPU should

      run Lightroom much faster, but without it, Lightroom is much faster. Can somebody explain me that phenomenon???

      That is not all! When the GPU is disabled I have another problem! Lightroom starts taking time when I adjust the Brightness or Light. What the hell???

      My current solution for that? --> Changing between disabling and activating GPU  

      I can work with Lightroom, but using it that way is not the way I expected for a 2000 EUR iMac and a adobe year subscription!


      I called adobe, but they couldn't help me. Apple couldn't help me either.



      Is there anyone else with the same problem?


      Best regards




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