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    Cannot Cancel Subscription


      My Premiere Pro subscription should end today 14/11/16. I was registered as user in Ukraine, now I've moved to the US and purchased another plan here.

      My previous account (that I want to cancel) says that subscription should be renewed manually (so no automatic renewal option) and I did nothing to renew it.

      BUT still Adobe tries to charge my card!



      I tried to cancel it  in advance but there is no option to Cancel my subscriptions in my account!

      In manage account setting I can only change address, payment type and see latest transactions.

      I have 2 subscriptions there and I can't change/cancel them.


      I can try to change payment method in 1 that all I can to to avoid credit card to be charged for serviced I do not want anymore but on the second one I can do NOTHING!

      When I try to change payment method, see transaction history, change address it just says : Error please use back in your browser.



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