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    help! my FB3 has gone insane!

    peteandrus Level 1
      last night i was coding and everything was dandy.

      i have a flex project and an actionscript project.

      now, a bunch of flex builder 3's functionality is gone. i haven't changed anything!

      first, i can't hit F3 to go to the definition of a method, even methods in the same class i'm currently in!
      second, in the 'problems' box, i get a line number and the project name, that's it. when i click on the problem, it does
      NOTHING, it used to take me right to the line of the error.
      third, it no longer gives me hints as to methods in the classes i've written. i used to hit the period to reference a method or whatever and it would give a selection of what's in there, but not now..

      what the heck is going on? does anybody know how to sync this back up again?