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    LOCKED: CS5.5 InDesign - if I open a file in CS6, I can't go back ...


      You people have ruined my day!

      I have a client who has a 300 page catalog - divided into seperate InDesign files and saved in CS5.5 - on a PC.

      My job is to update the files, new product numbers, etc.

      But I opened some of the files in CS6 on my Mac, and could only save them as .idml files, which sucks!

      I then opened them in CS5.5, but the files I previously opened in CS6 will NOT open in CS5.5


      Any explanation for this? I may have to go back a re do all of my work so far. Which would make me very unhappy with Adobe.


      Thanks in advance, KO.

      Designer in Minneapolis

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