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    InDesign keep options and epub

    Matt J Kuhns

      I am creating an epub with InDesign CC 2015.


      My client wants images, captions, and image credits to lock together and never break across pages.


      I have done everything I can think of with keep options to achieve this. It seems to work in InDesign itself. It basically seems to work in the epub… but if I change the font size, the keep settings seem to break down and occasionally e.g. some or all of a caption will appear on the page after the image to which it belongs.

      My client (publishing industry) knows what keep options are, and believes I should able to 100% lock together all image/caption/credit groups, period. I have no idea how. I've reviewed the documentation. I've experimented. Each of the relevant styles is set to keep all of its own lines together, and to stay with the previous and/or next line as applicable.


      Is there anything more I can do here? Is this a known limitation? Advice welcome!