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    Flash no longer working on webpage - why?

      A charity organization I occasionally do photography for has a bilingual website with a 'Flash only' intro page. But since upgrading my browser's (IE and Firefox on XP) Flash plugin to v10 I get just a blank white page. The code is there if I select View Code, but the Flash does not load.

      I succeeded in reinstalling the v9.47 Flash reader and their site's now working again. But I'm concerned that many visitors whose support they rely on will not be able to load their website if they update their Flash viewer and are not computer savvy enough to know what to do to fix it. The impression one gets is that the website is no longer there.

      Is there something I can tell them to do with their Flash code that will resolve this? Is this a known issue for which a fix is forthcoming? Folks designing websites that rely on Flash must be concerned, no?

      I don't know enough about Flash to offer them a suggestion on how to fix whatever be wrong with their code, if that's what's causing it. Any insight is appreciated.

      The website is http://www,procure.ca and it provides information on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and eventual cure of prostate cancer.