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    Muse Typekit

    WebMinerAK Level 1

      I'm really getting annoyed with this crap, I need to be able to get websites up and going for clients and I keep having connection issues while exporting. I'm logged in to CC on my account and yet TYPEKIT IS ****ING STOPPING ME FROM EXPORTING MY SITE!!!!  This is so stupid. I've tried going through the whole site and changing all the stupid text so it's not using typekit but it still gives me connecting to typekit crap problems I'M SO PISSED! Fix this problem!

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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hello WebMinerAK,


          Totally understand your frustration and sincere apologies for the same.

          However, I am sure that with a little and patience and your help we will be able to identify and resolve the issue.


          Could you please follow the below instructions -

          1. Close Muse
          2. Download the file MuseLogPrefs.xml from http://adobe.ly/1OeIMGk and MuseLogSetting.xml from http://adobe.ly/1J6Hyit and save them to your Documents folder
          3. Restart Muse, open your Muse file and preview/publish/export (whatever triggers the error)
          4. Delete the downloaded files (MuseLogPrefs.xml and MuseLogSettings.xml)
          5. Send the file MuseLog.txt from your Documents folder to muse-support@adobe.com along with link to this thread in the subject line.




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            pierrecor Level 1

            Hi Ankus,


            I have exactly the same issue and is just as frustrated.  I have sent the files to muse-support@ adobe and this is their return answer which I do not understand - there is no real answer in the forums, only logof, logon, restarts and the like.  The technical issues in the MuseLog.txt file clearly says their is a type of connection issue between Muse and Typekit????  How do we solve this. 



            Adobe Muse Support is being migrated to a centralized support system. As a result, this mail address is no longer being monitored. However, we have other channels that you can use to receive assistance and troubleshooting support:


            ·        Muse Learn & Support (Self-help): https://helpx.adobe.com/support/muse.html

            ·        Online Muse Community (Forums): https://helpx.adobe.com/support/muse.html

            ·        Customer Care (Phone and Chat support): https://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html?step=MUSE


              If you have


            contacted Adobe using

            muse-support@adobe.com, the Muse Support team will reach out to you for more information or resolution of your ticket.




            Herewith the link to my post