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    Catalog Previews file is huge after 2 imports

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      I am new to LR and have imported only 2 folders of photos: one folder with 5 photos and the other with 489 photos. I believe I created Standard Previews during import. Already my Catalog Previews (.lrdata) file is 571.9 MB but the Catalog (.lrcat) is only 7.4 MB for these 494 photos.  With 20,000+ more photos to import it is clear that the .lrdata file will exceed the capacity of the hard drive space on my laptop before I import many more photos.


      During those two imports my settings in Catalog Settings>File Handling were set at:

      Standard Preview Size: Auto (1920px)

      Preview Quality: Medium

      Automatically Discard 1:1 Previews: After 30 days


      After reviewing more tutorials I realize that I should have probably created Minimal Previews. Is there any way to go back to these 2 folders and change the previews to Minimal? I did go into both folders and clicked to discard 1:1 Previews and Smart Previews hoping that would free up some space (incase I had created that type of preview by accident) - it did not.


      I didn't notice before I started importing photos but is the .lrdata file large even in its unused 'virgin' state?  Is that the explanation?


      Any information would be welcome. Thank you!