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    Lost edited images


      Hi, I'm afraid I may have made a catalogue of errors.


      1. I had a preview of the edited image (circa 400 images in total) but it had lost the link to the original photo. When I went to find the link the filenames were different so I had to manually look for each photo.. It took time and the 'find related images' option didn't work.

      2. I then tried to synchronise all my images but in doing so it seemed to lose all my edited photos and just brought in my original RAW images.

      3. I tried reverting to a previous catalog but every time I opened one from months ago it updated to the latest one like and autosave.

      4. I still think there's hope and that my edited images are in there somewhere, because there's now still over 400 photos in there but no preview is shown anymore so if I want to individually link them to the RAW image it's pretty much impossible without seeing the preview.


      Can anyone help rectify my errors?



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          ds art Level 2

          1. did you changed the name of the files outside LR? if so, set them back to the original, if you didn't you are looking in the wrong folder. try to do a search on your system on a filename to find the right location. normal is it in the pictures folder.