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    New File issues in Mac Sierra

    MSSDedalus Level 1

      I'm having issues while creating File objects in Sierra:


      var myFile = new File("/Users/myusername/Documents/Sample.jpg");    //Of course this file exists


      Fails many times (File not found), but it seems not always or at least not in all computers


      var myFile = new File("~/Documents/Sample.jpg");


      works fine and  myFile.fsName returns the full path as specified in the first option "/Users/myusername/Documents/Sample.jpg"


      Something in Sierra's file system may have changed, one user reported he solved this by reinstalling OS.


      To reproduce the error just enable script logs and try to place a picture in Photoshop, then execute the script with ExtendedScript, the path notation used in the log doesn't works.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          MSSDedalus Level 1

          If it helps:

          I have been able to reproduce it also at the new CC 2017 start screen, if I try to reopen a document from there it raises a scripting error. The same document opened at Photoshop's menu (recent list) opens fine.


          As far as I know from my tests It affects only files saved into the Documents folder.

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            JavierAroche Level 3

            Hey MSSDedalus, I just ran a few tests on my system and everything seems to work fine, even opening from the Documents folder.


            I also tried setting the new File as a variable before running the "Opn " ActionDescriptor, and it worked. I tested PSDs, PNGs and JPGs.


            Here's what I'm running:

            macOS Sierra 10.12.1

            Photoshop 2015.0.0


            It might be an issue with a new version of Photoshop? I don't have a 2015.5 or a 2017 version to test with, unfortunately.

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              MSSDedalus Level 1

              Thanks for your answer.


              I believe the problem is on how Photoshop File object reads the file path in Sierra for the users folder but as I mentioned it doesn't happens in all computers, really weird.

              The issue has been reported by 2 users and I could also reproduce it with Sierra 10.12.1 and CC 2017.0.0


              From my tests I know that the volume has to be included or "~/" must be used but results from scripting listener like "/Volumes/Users/MyUser/Documents/Sample.jpg" doesn't work.