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    Editing PDFs in Pro converts file to lower resolution


      I've been experiencing a problem whereby if I edit a PDF within Professional it will convert vector based images to low res jpegs within the document. It will also make high resolution images lower resolution and will flatten the PDF when editing, none of which I want to happen. 


      It can also convert fonts automatically to rougher, corrupted versions of themselves if the font is not on the system, just by asking to edit a page. More often than not it's a graphic I want to edit rather than type, so I don't want any kind of font recognition process to happen


      I discovered this when we ran two litho jobs that should have matched identically but the vector logos had converted on one file to low resolution versions and I hadn't spotted it.


      I don't get the issue if I make the same corrections to a PDF within Acrobat Pro 9, which for me seems to be the better programme. Has anyone else experienced this?

      Have I missed a setting somewhere?


      I would appreciate any guidance.