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    Best method of compression when importing video into flash to be played as an swf

      i am currently making an a presentation application in as3 which plays video and has overlays over the video. In order to keep synchronization the video and overlays are combined as an swf file. The problem i have is the imported flv video which is only 2mb before importing it into flash grows to about 7mb when exported as an swf and i see no improvement in picture quality.

      i understand there must be a sacrifice of bigger file size to get the video playing as an swf i just want to know the optimum settings i should be using to get the best results. I was ripping from dvd, compressing, then importing into flash.Should i do my first compression when importing into flash? and if so what settings should i be using. I just want low quality broadband friendly video in swf

      i would be really grateful for any advice