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    Adobe Stock Fraud or Bug?  Forced Enhanced Licenses

    fashionrisk1 Level 1

      I just got off the phone with support and they tell me "there's nothing we can do to help you".   Beware, this could get really expensive.



      Here's the problem:


      I'm seeing what I think may be a bug when using the new "Search Adobe Stock" menu feature in Photoshop.  When I use the Menu>Search Adobe Stock none of the searched images display the option to choose either the Standard or Enhanced license.  I found an image that worked and hit add license button and the image downloaded.  Adobe is continually changing the UI on their products so I wasn't too worried, so imagine my surprise when I realized that I just got billed $79 each for two mediocre images.  The Enhanced License was forced, there was no option to download Standard License for the image.


      When I enter the Adobe Stock site directly via the browser I have no problems and can see the Standard and Enhanced License pricing tab (for the same images).


      I'm calling this fraud because nowhere on the site UI or through the download process was I told how much I'd be billed, nor was I given the option to choose the lesser priced option.  I searched "standard" images only, these were not part of a premium collection. 



      Lack of pricing transparency in highly integrated software products seems to Adobe's new revenue strategy.  Beware. 


      Stay classy Adobe, it was a shock to essentially be told to "go suck it" by your customer service.  That's really not what I expected.