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    Get Date Field to autofill when digital signature is applied to form.



      I have a travel form which our company uses - I have two digital signature fields and two date fields.

      I would like the date field to auto fill with current date when signature is applied.


      I have one semi working on Signature1 and Date Prepared Fields..

      "Date Prepared" is running this javascript as soon as Signature 1 is applied

      // JavaScript code to add the date at signing time

          var currentTime = new Date()

          var month = currentTime.getMonth() + 1

          var day = currentTime.getDate()

          var year = currentTime.getFullYear()

          var signingTime = month +"/"+day+"/"+year  //Modify into your preferred format

          var f = this.getField("Date Prepared");  //Modify the field name as necessary

          f.value = signingTime


      Question is how can I assign particular date field to particular digital signature , so the date work auto fill when the digital signature is applied .