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    Lightroom Mobile Photos are Gone


      All of my Lightroom Mobile albums have disappeared sometime over the past week, when I log in I'm given the options to add new photos as I would with a new account.  There were about a eleven months worth of pictures, is there any way to recover them?

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          SwarnimaBansal Level 1

          Hey, Sorry to hear that.


          Can you tell me, a few things, before I can try to help you recover:

          > which phone are you using?

          > when did you last sync your photographs

          > Did you remove any of the photographs from the account?

          > Are all the albums gone or are they there? I mean, can you see any albums or photos in All Photos sections?



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            thepokeypoeci@gmail.com Level 1

            Thanks for the help.  I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, however all photos are gone when I log on from my computer as well.  I believe my phone syncs photos automatically, so probably within a week of the photos going missing.  I rarely ever delete photos, the last time I removed a photo was probably over a month ago.  All albums are gone, when I log in it gives me the option to add photos and albums as if it were a new account.