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    unable to install on iOS



      I have developed an app "NSM". I have generated a provisioning profile on Apple Developer site with 20+ UDIDs. I have uploaded the latest provisioning profile along with p12 certificate, and ran the build process with no issues. I even reviewed the logs of the build, and I see all provisioned UDIDs listed there.


      I was able to install the app on my own iPhone only, and not on any other device. After downloading the app through phonegap link, I get the "Unable to Download App" error: "NSM could not be installed at this time.


      What could I possibly be doing wrong? How come the app got installed on my own phone, and not on ANY other device?


      Thanks in advance for your prompt response!

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          ryanskihead Adobe Employee

          Strange. If you are on a Mac, you might try connecting the problematic device and seeing what the device logs show for the failure -- they're usually more verbose than the error alert.


          Different iOS versions?


          Also, looks like you're using PhoneGap 3.7.0 -- that's a pretty old version, you should definitely bring it up to 4.0 at least. Some useful links:

          Adobe PhoneGap Build - Current Support

          Cordova iOS 4.0.0 - Apache Cordova Blog

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            armand74106213 Level 1

            Thanks for your prompt reply.


            Actually, I have 2 of the same devices at hand - both with same versions of iOS. It installed on my main device, but not on my second device.


            Also, NONE of the other devices that I had UDID registered confirmed successful install - and I had more than half (10+devices) confirm that the install did NOT work.


            I am not on mac, I am using a pc.


            I have upgraded the app to cli-6.0.0, and I am still getting the same result. Successful build, not unable to install.


            I am puzzled. Any other suggestions?


            Thanks again,