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    Accessing an embedded Table in Adobe live cycle form via dropdown selections


      Hi Gurus,


      I have a project am working on and i need your help in how to go about it. I have 3 drop down menus let’s call them drop-down 1, drop down 2, drop down 3, drop down 4 and i have an excel file with 10 columns of data as shown below in the diagram.


      excel file.png


      So what i am trying to accomplish is to embed this table into the form but in the background or hidden and then access each column.


      when user selects meets these conditions:

      1.    if drop-down menu 1 = a

      2.    drop-down menu 2 =b

      3.    drop down menu = c, (this drop-down is dependent on drop-down menu 2)

      4.    then drop-down menu 4 should show list in column a or range



      Please i really need your help. thanks