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    Muse - Accordion widget , centred (not)

    theheadmaster Level 1

      My Accordion widget just suddenly started sticking to the left of the screen ?

      I havn't pinned it to the left , it was working fine but is now just scrolling up on the left

      way off center.

      It use to scroll perfectly up in the center of the screen and meet up with the heading

      and now its stuck to the left.


      please check it here :  Photography


      have no idea , I tried pasting it into a txt box and centring it but no luck there either


      help the helpless

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          theheadmaster Level 1

          so.... is this issue taken care of now ?

          I still have the strange centering problem...

          currently I made the widget stretch to full screen this is kind of better for the moment,

          but not ideal.


          I also have a problem with my phone layout . when I check it in the iphone 6 preview its cool

          but when I jump to iphone 5s preview it shifts of centre? it does not adapt to the the size .

          what could this be ?.

          iphone 5s.jpgiphone 6.jpg