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    class action lawsuit


      I have never heard of a more shady business model in my life. I signed up for a free trial, only to be told I cannot cancel without paying it. Today I received a call saying they would like payment for the first month and second month. Even though I haven't paid for the first month in the first place. So they have you locked in and keep charging you monthly for a service you can't even use until you pay to cancel. If you have been screwed by adobe please email me at [removed personal info]

      I'm putting together a case for a class action lawsuit.

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi there


          I see you signed up for the 10 images/month plan where you get the first month free.  The plan can be cancelled within the first month if you do not wish to continue.


          It appears that the plan wasn't cancelled so there was an attempt to charge you for the renewal on the 22nd of October but this was not authorized.


          When you contacted support on the 24th they advised the subscription was suspended due to the payment issue. They advised you to pay the pending payment then cancel. This is because the subscription cannot be cancelled while in the suspended status.  I'm sorry that this wasn't explained properly and will address this with the teams.


          The subscription has now been cancelled and there are no charges associated with it.


          Kind regards



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            massimon72539316 Level 1

            adobe keeps on trying to charge me 9.99 per month even when i didn't sign up for an annual contract, i had to block them through my bank to avoid more charges. class action indeed.

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              Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Which products did you sign up for? Stock doesn't have a $9.99 plan.

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                EvilBugQueen1 Adobe Employee

                Hi MN,


                You're signed up for the Adobe Photography subscription. This is not an Adobe Stock issue.