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    Hydration Update Notification Fade is Way Too Slow


      We are using Hydration and we really love it! But on iPhone the notification that pops up telling you "Hydra has detected a new update!" - this notification takes waaaaay too long to fade in. It looks like the developer chose something like 2000 ms. It is very annoying. You sit there and wait and then you tap Update & restart now, but it doesn't take effect. Then you realize it is still fading in. You tap again. Still not done. GARGH.... You then wait like 2 extra seconds to make sure this dang thing is finished, and then tap a third time, and now it triggers. Can we please just change that animation to something like 150ms or 200ms? It is a small thing, but the whole purpose of Hydration is to be able to rapidly deploy new code and test it out. So we will be doing this a few dozen times in a given day. Pleeeeaaase??