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    Can't copy from Illustrator CC 2017 to Animate CC 2017


      I use Animate CC for my menu board. I have one piece that changes daily and I've always been able to copy the text/paths from illustrator and paste them into animate. Now when I try I get this message:


      Illustrator documents saved in versions of Illustrator greater than 20.0.0 cannot be imported into Animate CC


      So my workaround was to export as svg from illustrator and import into animate cc. That worked the first few times I tried it; even though that is much more of a hassle than just copying and pasting, I would be okay with that eventually. But now when I try to do that, it will import what I want but it leaves off the stroke of the text I'm importing.


      I tried saving my files in illustrator so they were compatible with old versions but it still didn't work. Why can't I copy paths or even text and paste them when both programs are up to date?!


      Any suggestions are appreciated.