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    Phonegap serve incredibly slow


      I'm working through basic tutorials on using phonegap (v6.3.5) and just running it on my PC for now.


      I'm also looking at using Angular2.


      When I combine the two worlds, the "Phonegap serve" takes a very long time to run and to start the server... I'm talking 15 minutes on a high spec PC.


      Since nothing is actually broken, there are no error messages, I just get...


      [phonegap] starting app server... ( this appears after a few minutes)

      [phonegap] listening on (this appears after about 15 minutes!)


      [phonegap] ctrl-c to stop the server



      I can navigate to the server address, and my app works.


      The Angular2 app is just the "hello world" pulled down from here...


      With a tweaked index.html to combine it with phonegap and minor change to the tsconfig.json files to change the typescript compile option to generate "system" type modules.

      There is a healthy size node_modules directory.


      Is there anything I can do to try and determine why everything is so slow?

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Does the same thing occur if you run this on a newly created hello-world project? That is:


          phonegap create test com.example.test test

          phonegap serve


          Does that take 15+ minutes as well?


          Does anything show up in your computer's event log or console (or equivalent)?


          Where is the node_modules directory located in relation to your project's www directory?

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            maccladd Level 1

            That test project comes up straight away with no delay, although it does crash (different issue hopefully...). First error from the phonegap serve is:


            [phonegap] 200 /plugins/cordova-plugin-file/www/Flags.js

            rm: could not remove directory (code ENOTEMPTY): C:\Users\.....


            Going back to the original issue, the node_modules directory is immediately below the www directory.