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    How Can I Automate Creation of Bespoke Technical Manuals


      Hi, I'm a Technical Author using InDesign with master pages & Illustrator for Images.

      I create the technical manuals for each of our pump ranges but I'm looking to be able to somehow automate the process so that each manual is bespoke to a customer order.

      For example selecting a pump range, pump model, gearbox & motor & then automating it to pull together all the information relating to that particular customer order into an InDesign manual template. Once everything has been compiled it will export to PDF & then send it to a member of the Sales team.

      I have noticed that you can create scripts (using visual basic etc) but I'm a complete novice at programming.

      Is there anything within the Adobe CC suite that could help do this or do I have to start learning to program very quickly?

      Thanks & best regards